Jane’s Take: Amber Hagerman Case

People often ask me which stories are the most difficult to cover.

As a reporter, and mother, they always involve children. Can you imagine the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach if your child disappeared? Can you imagine the agony Amber’s mother suffered as hour after hour passed, with no sign of her daughter?

Reporters are emotionally affected by wrenching stories like this, and I still remember the frenzy in the newsroom that day Amber disappeared as we tried to get any information on the air that might help police find her. We always hope that we can help people in trouble. But as the hours passed, our hope began to slip away. We knew from experience that the first hours were critical.

Today in the newsroom when word came down that there might be a suspect in Amber’s murder, the newsroom went into a frenzy once again. We couldn’t help the first time, but maybe this time we can. People need to know who perpetrated this horrible crime. People need to know who stole this young child’s life, and the innocence of many other children.

And people need to know who left a hole in the heart of Amber’s mother, which will never heal.

Maybe that’s why we all rushed to help get the information on the air. Maybe this time we can do some good.


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