Jane’s Take: Lindsay Lohan

So Lindsay Lohan is already in trouble again. What is her problem? She has everything most people would envy: beauty, fame, and fortune. And yet she seems determined to self-destruct.

But Lindsay isn’t alone. We have conversations about celebrities like Lindsay frequently in the newsroom.

Newy and I talk about it with respect to sports. How could an athlete who makes millions of dollars doing something he loves to do throw it all away for drugs, women, or gambling. Don’t these celebrities appreciate all they have?

I don’t think Lindsay and those athletes are all that different. Most celebrities have been used all their lives. No one ever tells them “no”. No one ever sets limits. Most people enable them as long as it helps keep them famous, in the limelight. Because sadly enough, celebrities usually have very few real friends. For most people it’s all about basking in the extended glow of the celebrity.

So we watch Lindsay and others like her slowly unravel.

It’s not an excuse of bad celebrity behavior. But maybe it’s not all their fault.


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