Jane’s Take: Reporting Life-Changing Events

NBC 5 captured the heat, flames, and and billowing smoke of the huge gas explosion near downtown Dallas Wednesday as it happened. Bringing viewers the immediate action in a breaking news situation is one of the things television does best.

But when we broadcast these dramatic images they usually, sadly, involve North Texans just going about the work of their day. In this case, two workers and a truck driver were injured.

It will be at least hours, probably days, before we know how seriously they were hurt. Recently, we watched in horror as two sheriff’s deputies were shot during a dramatic standoff that started out as a domestic dispute. Then there are the stories that don’t make the top headlines. They are just items mentioned within our newscast. A construction worker fatally injured on the job. A convenience store worker shot dead just trying to make a living for his family.

By definition, news is what is unusual. NBC 5 is in the business of bringing you news. But when the story is over, and the producers, reporters and photographers have a moment to think about what they just witnessed, there is almost always a victim whose life was changed by the events of the day.

Tonight, as we watch the incredible pictures of those massive explosions, we’ll hold out hope for the families, friends, and co-workers of those injured today; and most of all for the victims themselves.


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