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I’ll bet I’m not the only woman who paused when she heard the new report about breast cancer and drinking. A comprehensive study says as little as one drink of alcohol a day significantly increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were told drinking a glass of red wine each day is good for you because it helps prevent heart disease.

I enjoy a good glass of wine as much as anyone I know. So what will I do with this new information? Yes, it will probably make me think the next time I pour a glass of my favorite white wine, and I may find myself skipping a glass sometimes. But I’m not going to mark wine off the list of things I enjoy.

I want to live a long healthy life. But I think it’s also important to remember to enjoy the days as they go by. Risk is something we can not avoid in life. How you choose to balance risk and enjoyment is very much an individual choice.

I take note of the risks we report on the news, but I refuse to let them govern my life. For me,
life is all to short for that.


Christmas Crazy

In Highland Park Village and across the Metroplex, businesses are busy putting up Christmas lights. I’m jealous. They hire crews that string beautiful lights thoughout the branches, and the night after Thanksgiving, with the flip of a switch, the colorful displays will put us all in the holiday spirit.

I don’t know how Christmas preparations go at your house, but the McGarry house does not run like clockwork. Typically, we realize the weekend after Thanksgiving that we need to go cut the tree (it’s a tradition to get a fresh Texas tree from a farm near Terrell). But we’re busy cleaning up after Thanksgiving, so the tree has to wait until the next weekend.

Then there’s the dreaded Christmas card and picture. My husband refuses to be part of the picture anymore because he thinks he looks old, and I tell him our only son can not be on the card alone. It’s the same argument every year — can’t remember who won last year.
But by the time we get the picture taken, the cards selected from what’s left on the rack, the stamps purchased, and the addresses corrected, it’s the week before Christmas! And we still don’t have the lights up.

The best part of all is when our son announces two days before Christmas that what he really wants is the most unavailable toy of the season. We’ve paid big money on Ebay to get Santa’s gifts shipped overnight.

So while I watch those lights going up, I start dreading all the holiday chores ahead. I promised myself again this year that I would get started earlier, but just like every year, I didn’t.
So for now, from the McGarry household, Happy Halloween!

Rockin’ On the Set

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that NBC5 News is being broadcast in HD. We are also operating with some of the most advanced technology in television today. This includes
an entirely automated control room and robotic cameras in the studio.

I’m still getting used to those robotic cameras. We have nicknamed them R2D2, C3PO, TK24O, and Robbie. Mine, TK240, has a mind of it’s own and can often be seen taking off on me in the middle of the newscast. I’m sure we’ll eventually get those rebellious cameras under control, but what we will never have again is a floor crew (the people who used to operate each one of those cameras). It is very odd for Mike and I to work in a studio with only one other person, the floor director ( who tells us which camera to look at and other important tips). We no longer have a person behind each camera to laugh and joke with and to bounce ideas off of. It’s very quiet.

So I’ve decided the best way to keep my energy level up before the newscast is to bring my IPOD to the studio. After they check the microphone levels, I put in my earbuds and listen to my favorite music, which includes everything from the Stones “Gimme Shelter” to Madonna. But my current favorite is Rhianna’s “Shut Up and Drive”. She’s got attitude and I like that.
Even my husband admits it’s a pretty good song. But my 13 year old son, that’s a different story. I think he’s still a little embarrassed that his Mom even has an IPOD.

Britney Spears

I know there are lots more important things going on, but what I hear people talking about (still) is Britney at the MTV awards.

Yesterday, I overheard several women discussing her appearance, and I think they might just be right. They all seemed to agree that it is mostly women criticizing Britney. And they couldn’t figure out why. Afterall, how many of us looked that great just a few months after having a baby. I know I didn’t. In fact, I was still so heavy that a Dallas Morning News columnist wrote about seeing me scarf down brownies at a popular Dallas cafe. That shamed me into taking off the pounds.

Maybe we criticize Britney because we see beautiful actresses like Angelina Jolie who was gorgeous even nine months pregnant without make-up. I hate her!

These women agreed that men didn’t seem to think much about Britney’s appearance, and some even thought she looked better than the really skinny stars. Their conclusion was that maybe women should give themselves a little more of a break. I like that idea.

Where we were

I was sitting in a third grade classroom when we got the news that President John Kennedy had been shot.

I was walking through a college campus when I learned John Hinckley shot President Reagan.

And I was driving home from morning car pool that awful September 11th, six years ago.

The moments you remember may be different ones, but we all have events that stick in our mind. I dare say most Americans can tell you where they were when they learned jetliners had crashed into the Twin Towers. We remember these events because in one way or another they change our lives. The death of President Kennedy brought Camelot and a certain age of innocence to a close. The shooting of President Reagan reminded us that, unfortunately, violent events had become somewhat routine. And 9/11, 2001 robbed many Americans of a trust that because we are Americans we are safe.

But on this day we remember the victims of that horrible terrorist act, we can also be thankful. We can be thankful that Americans pulled together to help one another in our worst time of need. We can be thankful that no matter how much partisan bickering over 9/11 and the war in Iraq goes on in Washington, ultimately, our leaders do have our best interests at heart.
Most of all, we can be thankful that, perhaps by the grace of God, we have not been attacked again.

I will take a moment on this day to remember those who died, their families, friends, co-workers and others who were left devastated. And I will also take a moment to bow my head in thanks for the many blessings we have, simply because we live in America.

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