Rockin’ On the Set

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that NBC5 News is being broadcast in HD. We are also operating with some of the most advanced technology in television today. This includes
an entirely automated control room and robotic cameras in the studio.

I’m still getting used to those robotic cameras. We have nicknamed them R2D2, C3PO, TK24O, and Robbie. Mine, TK240, has a mind of it’s own and can often be seen taking off on me in the middle of the newscast. I’m sure we’ll eventually get those rebellious cameras under control, but what we will never have again is a floor crew (the people who used to operate each one of those cameras). It is very odd for Mike and I to work in a studio with only one other person, the floor director ( who tells us which camera to look at and other important tips). We no longer have a person behind each camera to laugh and joke with and to bounce ideas off of. It’s very quiet.

So I’ve decided the best way to keep my energy level up before the newscast is to bring my IPOD to the studio. After they check the microphone levels, I put in my earbuds and listen to my favorite music, which includes everything from the Stones “Gimme Shelter” to Madonna. But my current favorite is Rhianna’s “Shut Up and Drive”. She’s got attitude and I like that.
Even my husband admits it’s a pretty good song. But my 13 year old son, that’s a different story. I think he’s still a little embarrassed that his Mom even has an IPOD.


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