Christmas Crazy

In Highland Park Village and across the Metroplex, businesses are busy putting up Christmas lights. I’m jealous. They hire crews that string beautiful lights thoughout the branches, and the night after Thanksgiving, with the flip of a switch, the colorful displays will put us all in the holiday spirit.

I don’t know how Christmas preparations go at your house, but the McGarry house does not run like clockwork. Typically, we realize the weekend after Thanksgiving that we need to go cut the tree (it’s a tradition to get a fresh Texas tree from a farm near Terrell). But we’re busy cleaning up after Thanksgiving, so the tree has to wait until the next weekend.

Then there’s the dreaded Christmas card and picture. My husband refuses to be part of the picture anymore because he thinks he looks old, and I tell him our only son can not be on the card alone. It’s the same argument every year — can’t remember who won last year.
But by the time we get the picture taken, the cards selected from what’s left on the rack, the stamps purchased, and the addresses corrected, it’s the week before Christmas! And we still don’t have the lights up.

The best part of all is when our son announces two days before Christmas that what he really wants is the most unavailable toy of the season. We’ve paid big money on Ebay to get Santa’s gifts shipped overnight.

So while I watch those lights going up, I start dreading all the holiday chores ahead. I promised myself again this year that I would get started earlier, but just like every year, I didn’t.
So for now, from the McGarry household, Happy Halloween!


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