Driving and Dialing

My son is celebrating his 14th birthday with a gang of boys this weekend. Fortunately, another mother and I will be driving. I say fortunately because the closer it gets, the more I’m dreading his 16th.
Did you see the story in our ten o’clock news about teens and driving? We used to just worry about inexperience, distractions, and alcohol but now we have another culprit that is causing teens to have accidents — and it’s a big one.
Cellphones are becoming a major problem for teen-agers behind the wheel. And if you have a teen-ager you’ll understand exactly what I worry about. Not only do the kids talk to their friends but they TEXT all the time — imagine texting behind the wheel.
We plan to set up a contract with our son when he turns 16 and gets the privelege of driving a car. And he needs to understand it’s a privelege, not a right. Now, in addition to the hours he gets to drive, the number of friends he can carry with him, and the obvious rules about alcohol -I guess we’ll have a clause about using the cellphone while driving.
It’s already making me want one of those little cameras you can install in the car to see exactly what your child is doing.
But you know, that just doesn’t seem quite fair. And I probably don’t really want to know.


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