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Can someone please answer this question? Why is it that most of Hollywood never seems to have heard of the birth control pill?

Among all the “Brit” tid-bits today is word that her so-called boyfriend is claiming she’s pregnant. Whether this is true or not, there’s always someone turning up (surprise!) pregnant in Hollywood. Surely they know how this happens.

It’s not the Angeline Jolie pregnancies I’m talking about. For whatever reason, she and Brad don’t want to get married. It’s the couples that seem shocked to learn they’re expecting. This possibility never crossed their minds?


Clinton Cares

As the race to the Texas primary enters it’s last days, Hillary Clinton has a new ad on the air today, and it’s entirely different from her tactics in the last debate.

It appeared to me that Senator Clinton’s advisors had told her to take Obama on in that debate.
Did it not work? The ad that’s on the air today is a much softer ad, much of it taken from the previous debate when Senator Clinton was friendly and smiling most of the time.

I like the new ad better but the question is whether it is too late. We’ll find out Tuesday.

Bag It

Now’s the season when lots of women are thinking about a new handbag for spring and summer.

I love to browse the internet to see what’s new and fun. These are three of my favorite sites:

Happy shopping!

Spring Fever

Well, sometimes a parent just had to brag.

I was never much of a baseball fan until our son fell in love with the game. He spends hours in the driveway pitching and hitting, night after night, preparing for the season.
Today his 8th grade school baseball season started. He was the second to pitch. He walked two and struck out six!

Come to think of it, it’s not really about bragging. There’s just not joy like seeing the smile on your child’s face when it all comes together.


I’m going to do something new this weekend. I’m going to spend Saturday at a Habitat for Humanity house.

My brother helped organize the effort to build this house for a woman who otherwise could never afford it. We often report about people helping other people on our newscasts, but time passes and I realize it’s been a while since I did anything for charity, other than make donations.

As my brother says, “it’s never easy, there’s never time, you have to force yourself to make it happen”. So Saturday I’ll have a hammer in my hand. And hopefully a good feeling in my heart.


If Newy can admit that he didn’t know who Amy Winehouse was (oh my gawd!) —
then I can confess that I never saw “Legends of the Fall” when it was in theaters. I had a small
baby at the time and wasn’t seeing too many movies.
Well, this weekend I just happened to catch it on TV. I’ve never been a big Brad Pitt fan…
until now. That is the sexiest man alive. As my friend said, “when he came on the screen, he just sucked all the air out of the theater”.
I’m sure he did a little more than that for some women. If it’s been a while since you saw it,
check it out again. He’s worth it.

Valentines Day is almost over, but my love for chocolate never ends! So for the record, here are my three favorite chocolate creations:
#3 — brownies with fudge icing from Kathleen’s Art Cafe on Lover’s Land
#2 — chocolate truffles from the Sweet Shop in Ft. Worth
#1 — the chocolate chip cookies my friend Emily Vick makes (she uses the recipe on the Nestle bag but refigerates the dough overnight and uses an ice cream scoop to make each cookie)


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