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Teen Tasting

I’m reading more and more articles these days about teen-age drinking.  Our son is in the last quarter of 8th grade this year, and that means high school is just around the corner.

I’ve always been curious about the idea that children who are taught responsible drinking at the family table are less likely to binge drink when they come of age.

Well, the New York Times has an interesting article about that subject.  The author doesn’t have a definite answer but he does site one study that seems to show that teen-agers who are exposed to alcohol in moderate amounts by parents who set good examples are less likely to become problem drinkers.  The Times writer doesn’t have a conclusion and neither do I.

 What’s really interesting is that when I spoke to my son about it he said he doesn’t want to drink until he’s 21 because he’s learned in school that alcohol causes more brain damage before that age.  I think that’s a good place to start.


Moving Day

It’s moving day here at NBC5.  When you turn on our news, you will  see we’re in a brand new home!

Today we’re putting a beautiful new set on the air, and we hope you like it.  This new set gives us the opportunity to bring you the news from several different locations which should make our newscasts more enjoyable for you to watch.  We are using all the newest technology and of course it’s broadcast in HD.

Many people worked many hours on our new home and we’re proud of it!  Hope you enjoy the new look on NBC5.

See images of the new set at this link: NBC 5 Unveils New Set

Dangerous Mother

The news that family members tried, unsuccessfully, to get help for the mother who threw her two sons off a Dallas overpass is tragic.

Some of the most horrific stories we cover in the news involve people who desparately need mental help.  Often the family doesn’t know where to turn.  In this case, family members say they were turned down because of insurance.  Almost no state, including Texas, reaches out to help mentally ill people.  We see them on the streetcorner, and not know what to do, often just turn away.

Covering stories like this every day just emphasizes how much better off we would all be if we did a better job caring for the mentally ill among us.  The people who need help are a sad story, but their victims, like these two little boys, are a tragedy.

Spring Love

My favorite time of year is just around the corner!  Spring is here and summer’s soon to follow.

Spring and summer always remind me of the freedom of getting out of school for the year when I was a kid, and now, the freedom from making sure my son gets his homework done!

I grew up in a small town and my summer’s were spent walking to the local public swimming pool, catching fireflys at night, and later in the summer going to the County Fair.  Spring and summer mean the taste of cold watermelon and fresh peaches.  And my favorite holiday of the whole year is the Fourth of July.

So welcome spring — here’s looking forward to summer.

Great Golf

If you’re a woman and looking for a new hobby, I’m going to suggest picking up golf!

Our family just got back from spring break and since our 14 year old loves to play I decided to dust off my clubs.  It’s a good thing I don’t gamble, because I’d definitely be in the hole — something I had a hard time doing on the course.

I’m not great by any means — my woods and I are still not getting along.  But walking 18 holes every day helped keep the weight off, and it’s a great family activity.  If you’ve never picked up a club,  don’t be intimidated.  I never played while growing up and didn’t pick up the game until a few years ago.

And besides, I’m not sure learning as a youngster is an advantage — my son hits his driver 300 yards, but I bet he put 300$ worth of balls into the ocean.  He’d kill me if he knew I said that.


Since I’m working while most of the evening shows are on, I don’t watch much television.  But I do usually catch what’s on NBC at 9:00 p.m. while I’m putting on my make-up.

Have you seen the couple having the affair on Lipstick Jungle?  This is hot television.  He’s too cute,  and the chemistry…..leaves you wanting more.

 You just know she’s going to get herself into trouble but it sure is fun to watch.

Check it out Thursday at 9:00 on NBC. 


I never thought I was the type to wear false eyelashes.  But when NBC5 converted to HD the make-up artists insisted all the female anchors switch to “falsies”.  Apparently they photograph better in HD.

Well, since my experiment started, false eyelases have started popping up all over the place.  So, women ask me which ones are best, and how to put them on.   Here are my tips:

You can pay a lot or a little — I pay a little and I think they work just fine.  You can get them at Sally’s Beauty Supply for instance, or even Wal-Mart!

Make sure the lashes closest to your nose are the shortest with the longest at the outer corners.

Those little individual lashes are way too much trouble for me.  The strips work just fine.

There’s only one problem:  once you try them, you feel like you’re eyes look naked without them!

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