Dangerous Mother

The news that family members tried, unsuccessfully, to get help for the mother who threw her two sons off a Dallas overpass is tragic.

Some of the most horrific stories we cover in the news involve people who desparately need mental help.  Often the family doesn’t know where to turn.  In this case, family members say they were turned down because of insurance.  Almost no state, including Texas, reaches out to help mentally ill people.  We see them on the streetcorner, and not know what to do, often just turn away.

Covering stories like this every day just emphasizes how much better off we would all be if we did a better job caring for the mentally ill among us.  The people who need help are a sad story, but their victims, like these two little boys, are a tragedy.


1 Response to “Dangerous Mother”

  1. 1 David Stevenson March 27, 2008 at 8:50 am

    Mental health services are available, even to those who do not have insurance. Dallas Metrocare Services 214-743-1212, ABC Behavioral Health 214-275-8500, and LifeNet Community Behavioral Healthcare 214-221-5433 are the three primary mental health providers in north Texas for those who have no insurance. In late 2007, the lady in Plano who twice dropped her baby from her 2nd story was court-mandated to in-patient treatment at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital. Perhaps the judge in this mother’s case will order similar treatment.

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