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The Fifth Grader and the First Lady

I’ve been fortunate to interview First Lady Laura Bush a number of times. So when NBC5 got the opportunity to talk to the First Lady and daughter Jenna about their new children’s book, we decided to do something different, and send a child! Our pick: Sarah Gordon, reporter Scott Gordon’s daughter.

Here were my five questions for Sarah:

1) What were you most nervous about?

“I was nervous I would mess up. I knew all my friends would be watching,”

2) How did you come up with your questions?

“They just kind of came to me. My class came up with some too.”

3) What did you think of the First Lady?

” She was what I expected. She was very nice and answered all my questions. In person she looks just like she does on TV.”

4) What did you wear and how did you decide?

“When I found out I was going to interview the First Lady I asked my Mom to get my a new outfit. I wore silver sandals, a white skirt with blue and black flowers, and a black top. I don’t usually get so dressed up but for this I had to make an exception.”

5) What would you have been doing if you hadn’t been interviewing Mrs. Bush?

“I probably would have been outside playing or doing homework.”

As you can imagine, Scott says this was the opportunity of a lifetime for Sarah. It’s an experience she’ll never forget! By the way, the book is called “Read All About It” and it’s on store shelves now.


Heart and Soul

You may already know that heart disease is the #1 killer of adults in the United States.

But did you know that heart disease kills more CHILDREN than all childhood cancers combined? 

Saving children from heart disease, obesity, and all the dangers that go with it was the focus of the Heart and Soul Ball put on by the American Heart Association. 

Because so many children are overweight and don’t exercise these days, there’s the possibility this could be the first generation of children who will not live as long as their parents!

The adults at the Ball got plenty of exercise dancing to “The Temptations”,  and lots of people looked like they spent considerable time in the gym. 


But we might do well to make sure our children are getting as much physical activity as we are! 

David’s Daughter

You know David Finfrock as the dependable meteorologist who brings you accurate weather information every night.  That’s who David is, but to those of us who work with him, David is also a dear friend, great husband, and loving father.

You may not know that earlier this year David’s only daughter, at the age of 34, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I remember watching David rush out the door the day the doctor’s call came.  David’s daughter Jennifer has had a double mastectomy, and is going through chemotherapy.  She has an incredibly positive attitude — because she has two very important reasons to fight this battle — her own two children, David’s grandchildren.

Later this week on NBC5 News at 10 you will see an emotional conversation I had with David about how this has affected him and his entire family.  He talks about the horrible feeling that came over him when he first heard the word “cancer”,  and about how it feels to be helpless when your child is suffering.

And David reveals what shocked him most about the news that his daughter had breast cancer.

David wanted to do this interview leading up to the Tarrant County Race for the Cure in Ft. Worth this Saturday.  He hopes he can help other women by telling them about his own daughter’s experience.

This is an interview you won’t want to miss, this week on NBC5 News at 10.  You’ll want to watch for David, and David’s Daughter.


Beautiful Boy

I used to read a lot of books but these days it seems all I have time for are magazines and newspapers.  Now I remember what I’m missing.

My brother mentioned that he had picked up a book he really enjoyed and thought was well worth the time to read, so on a whim, I grabbed a copy.  The book is called “Beautiful Boy” —  and it’s a wonderful book.  I’m not going to give away the plot, but let me tell you it’s left me in tears several times already.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, single, married, or a teen-ager, “Beautiful Boy” has something to say to you.  I hope you’ll give it a read.

Helping Hand

Every spring I help with the Genesis Women’s Shelter Mother’s Day Luncheon.   And here’s the reason this cause is close to my heart.

Helpless children and women trapped in abuse so often have literally no place to turn.  They suffer silently, until all too often, a horrible act of violence puts them at the center of our newscast.  As a mother, and a woman, I am so proud to be part of helping Genesis provide shelter and help for these women and children. 

But the sad fact is that as the population of North Texas grows, so does the number of women and children who need Genesis.  The coming luncheon provides much of the money Genesis needs to operate.  If you’re interested, here’s the website:

From my experience, you won’t be sorry you helped.

Mike’s Moment

My co-anchor Mike Snyder will probably be too modest to write about this, so I’ll just do it myself.

It’s a big weekend for Mike and his entire family.  Mike’s oldest son,  Zander, is getting married!  I remember when I first came to NBC5 and Mike brought little Zander in the newsroom.  He was just a toddler, barely able to walk.   Now he’s a big strapping boy at least 6’4″ and he’s about to take the biggest step of his life.

So keep Mike and his family in your thoughts this weekend, because even a tough guy like Mike is bound to shed a tear or two.  Congratulations.

Lindsay Lohan?

Just don’t call me Lindsay Lohan.

If you caught the top of NBC5 News at 10:00 Wednesday night, you may have noticed what looked like an ankle monitor around my leg.  Oops!  As you probably know by now, we’re in a brand new studio with new automated cameras.  Because we move around a lot now during our newscast, our microphones and other equipment has to be attatched to our bodies.  So the automated camera apparently didn’t realize it wasn’t a good idea to shoot the equipment attatched to my leg.

Of course that’s sometimes what makes live television fun to watch — you never know what may pop up.  But just to set things straight —  I’m not wearing an ankle monitor.

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