Politics in The Make-Up Room

 Norma Garcia, the Telemundo anchor, and I were in the make-up room watching MSNBC when Hillary Clinton came on.  Norma was saying that Hillary would definitely do better among Hispanics than Barak Obama, but we agreed that the pure numbers are tough for Hillary.

That led me to call former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, a good friend and strong supporter of Obama for his take on the race at this point.   Here’s what he thinks:

1) How long have you known Senator Obama and what quality do you think most qualifies him to be President?

I have known Sen. Obama about 6 years. We first met when he attended a fundraiser for me in Chicago when I ran for the US Senate.

From the inception, I have been extraordinarily impressed with the Senators intellect, character, judgment and his calm/reasoned approach to politics. He is also very comfortable with himself. These are the traits that I think make a good leader, and will make Barack

Obama a great President.

 2) How often do you talk to the Senator and, if asked, would you take a position in an Obama Administration?

2) I speak with the Senator infrequently,  typically when I campaign for him.

 When I signed on to help Sen.Obama I did so with no expectations of anything in return. I will not seek a position in Obama’s administration, but, I am wholly committed to his success as President, and if I were asked to serve, I would give it very strong consideration. 

3) Obama Vs. McCain: give me a percentage.

 Obama 52%. McCain 45% Other candidates 3%.








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