Denise’s Death

A friend of mine was buried today.  She was a young woman.  We read a story about her on our news.

Denise was a secretary in a doctor’s office.  She scheduled appointments, did all the billing, always greeted everyone with a smile.  No one would have ever known about her living hell.

Denise had tried to escape her ex-husband.  She told friends he slashed her tires and wrote nasty text messages.  But no one ever dreamed about the excruciating death she would suffer.  Then again, maybe she did dream about it — maybe she feared it more than anyone ever knew.

Eight days ago, Denise arrived at work to open up the office.  Police say her ex-husband was lurking, waiting with a baseball bat.  Police say he used it to beat her to death in the hallway right outside the doctor’s office door.  I can’t even stand to think about what those final minutes must have been like. 

But if there’s anything worse than those last minutes of Denise’s life, it’s the tragedy she left behind.  Denise had three little girls, ages 2, 5, and 9.  Now Denise’s mother is left to care for them and try to put their lives back together.  The grandmother is going to need all the help she can get, in so many ways.

The Denise Stephens Memorial Fund has been set up at North Dallas Bank, 12900 Preston Rd., Dallas, 75230.  Or if you can’t or would prefer not to send a donation, just say a little prayer for the family she left behind.  As I said, they’re going to need all the help they can get.



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