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Franco Bertolasi, my friend.

Dallas has lost part of it’s cultural past.

Soon after I moved here in 1982, Franco Bertolasi opened one of the finest restaurants to serve North Texas, The Riviera.  Franco’s food was delicious but it was Franco himself who helped make the restaurant so unique.

The parking lot was always filled with Mercedes, Jaguars…Porsches.  But people who frequented fine restaurants several times a week would tell you there was something special about The Riviera.  Franco was always there with a kiss when you entered the door and at least one pass-by while you were eating.  He loved life.  Franco was delightful.

Several years ago, many people began to notice that Franco had the first symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  It was so sad to see him bravely fight the enemy that would eventually claim him.

I prefer to remember Franco’s smile, his “welcome Jane”, and his gracious hand kiss.  We miss you Franco.

Franco Bertolasi was 69.


Love on Line

Here’s Internet dating taken to the next level.

A Florida woman has put her house — and herself — up for auction on Ebay!  42 year old Deven Traboscia is a divorced real estate agent and single mother of two.  She also has an ad on Craigslist.

Bidding on Ebay starts at 99-cents — with a shipping cost of 500 thousand dollars.  She likes European men and an Italian man is already planning a trip here to meet her.

Maybe he’ll be her prince charming.

5 Favorite Vacation Spots

Lots of people are staying closer to home this summer instead of traveling to exotic places like Europe and Asia.  The cost of gasoline, the cost and inconvience of flying, and the sinking dollar are all good reasons.

So I started thinking: what are some of my favorite places I’ve visited in the U.S.?

First would have to be Santa Barbara California.  You can’t beat the climate, beauty and food!

Second: Washington D.C. – you could spend two weeks in Washington and not see it all.

Third: San Antonio for it’s Texas culture, atmosphere and of course, food.

Fourth: New York City – it’s just one of those places you have to experience.

and Fifth: Montana – the rivers and mountains are beautiful and the people are just as friendly as Texans.

Of course there are lots more great places, but those are just a few.

Another Bush?

After NBC5 News at 10 is over, the producers, anchors, editors and pretty much whoever wants to join in frequently spend a few minutes in the newsroom talking about the stories of the day (or maybe the latest video on UTUBE) —  whatever comes up that’s interesting.

Lately, as you can imagine, we’ve been talking a lot about politics.  We speculate about who McCain and Obama will pick to run with them and what happened to Hillary, among other things. 

Here’s an interesting idea that came up last night:  Laura Bush for President in 2012.

Knowing the First Lady, I would say there’s no way that will ever happen.  I think Laura Bush will be extremely happy to come home to Texas and relax.  She’s made great use of her position but she never really wanted the spotlight.

But can you think of a better candidate?  Mrs. Bush is poised, intelligent, well thought of by Republicans and Democrats alike.  And she IS a Texan.   She’s a woman who might win the White House, if she wanted to. 

9/11 Punishment

So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants the death penalty for helping mastermind the 9/11 attacks.  Too bad, so sad.

If he wants it, the death penalty should be the last thing he gets.  Instead, I propose that he be subjected, for the rest of his life on earth, to everything about America he hates.  Fill his cell with rock music, bombard him with American television,  and  let him spend some time every day with women who say what they think and dress how they want.

Personally I think he’s a very sick man and I’m sure a forgiving God will understand what he did.   But in the meantime, he should pay in the very worst way possible for the horror he visited on innocent people.



Cellphones & Cancer?

Do cell phones have any connection to brain cancer?

Doctors have been debating this question for years, and the news about Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor brought up the subject again.

There’s an interesting article in today’s New York Times that anyone with a cellphone would probably be interested in reading. 

 Here’s the link:

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