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True Strength

The courage  of the people we report on continually amazes me.

Tonight we have the story of 6 year old Jessie from Aledo, who returned home after having half her brain removed.   Think about that.  How would you feel if doctors had to remove half your child’s brain?  It hits me in the pit of my stomach.

But as Jessie’s family reunited in Ft. Worth tonight her parents were upbeat, and thankful for their blessings.  Doctors say Jessie will have a few physical problems but mentally she seems to be doing well.  Thank you God.

It’s stories like this one that put it all in perspective for me.   Next time one of life’s little hurdles comes my way, I hope I can remember what the strength people like Jessie and her family show in the face of real problems.


Diet Decisions

There is news out today that of all the diets tested, the so-called “Mediterranean” diet and the modified Atkin’s diet (chicken and fish instead of so much beef) are the most successful. 

Several viewers have emailed me to ask whether I have lost weight and how I did it.  The answer is yes, about 12 pounds, and I did it with a diet similar to either of the above.  The main things I cut out of my diet were pasta and bread — two foods I dearly love!  I ate lots of protein, vegetables, some fruits and drank lots of water.  I also walked/ran three miles a day.

I’ve managed to keep it off by staying on the same diet.  I’ve also added four days of weights a week at the gym.  I splurge every once in a while and have a big piece of chocolate cake — but I don’t eat pasta, bread and other carbs on a regular basis anymore.  It’s a sacrifice, but when I had to have all my clothes taken in, it was worth it!

And no matter how hot it is, I always feet energized after I come in sweaty and hot from my run/walk.


Poor Patsy Ramsey.  Not only did she lose a child, but she lived the last sad years of her life under an unimaginable cloud:  suspicion that she killed her own child.  I can’t imagine the pain she must have lived with.

The news that new DNA evidence cleared the entire Ramsey family in JonBenet’s death was stunning.  It seemed almost everyone thought someone in the family had a connection to the gruesome murder of the child.  It’s hard to figure out how the police case was so wrong.

And it reminds me of another terrible injustice:  man after man who has served years in prison, then been cleared by new DNA evidence in Dallas County.  I don’t know how we pay back the Ramseys for the torture they suffered on top of their loss, nor do I know how we compensate a man who spent most of his adult life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

We pride ourselves on a fair justice system in this country, and there is no doubt it is one of the best in the world.  But try telling that to the Ramseys or a man wrongly convicted.

Surely we can somehow do better because I don’t think there’s any way to adequately compensate them.

Women’s Work

I frequently pick up books that I, as a woman, am interested in or that I think might be of interest to women viewers.

Recently someone recommended this one to me:  Codependent No More: How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself.  The author is Melody Beattie.

I think Beattie has a lot of good things to say — especially to women, who frequently put everybody else’s needs in front of their own.  The book doesn’t suggest that you be selfish, it’s just a new way of looking at decisions all of us face every day.

I found it extremely interesting, helpful in the way I look at the demands we all face,  and perhaps you will to.

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