Diet Decisions

There is news out today that of all the diets tested, the so-called “Mediterranean” diet and the modified Atkin’s diet (chicken and fish instead of so much beef) are the most successful. 

Several viewers have emailed me to ask whether I have lost weight and how I did it.  The answer is yes, about 12 pounds, and I did it with a diet similar to either of the above.  The main things I cut out of my diet were pasta and bread — two foods I dearly love!  I ate lots of protein, vegetables, some fruits and drank lots of water.  I also walked/ran three miles a day.

I’ve managed to keep it off by staying on the same diet.  I’ve also added four days of weights a week at the gym.  I splurge every once in a while and have a big piece of chocolate cake — but I don’t eat pasta, bread and other carbs on a regular basis anymore.  It’s a sacrifice, but when I had to have all my clothes taken in, it was worth it!

And no matter how hot it is, I always feet energized after I come in sweaty and hot from my run/walk.


1 Response to “Diet Decisions”

  1. 1 Justin August 7, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    I recently returned to the metroplex and wondered how you prevented the ageing process during my 12 year absence. Now I know! I admire your determination.

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