Classy Caroline

The Democrat and Republican Conventions are here, and it’s always interesting to see the candidates’ families and listen to their wives.  I remember Laura Bush saying at one time that the only thing she would never do is give a speech!  I’m usually amazed at the composure and presence of the spouses.

At the Democrat Convention Monday night Michelle Obama had her big moment in front of a national television audience.  No matter what you think of her politics, I thought she carried herself well.  I’m pretty sure Cindy McCain will also.

But the woman who stood out to me was on stage earlier.  I don’t think it’s just memories of “Camelot” that set Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg apart.  It seems as though she took in some of both her mother’s and father’s grace and style.   And perhaps her life experience, losing her father, mother, and brother at such a young age gives her a wisdom beyond her years.

It’s just interesting to see her and observe how she handles herself.  Again, regardless of her politics, some people might say “she’s the real deal”.


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