David’s Daughter

David Finfrock and I started working together here at NBC5 on the noon news almost 25 years ago.  So I’ve worked in the studio with David longer than anyone else I know.  And there’s no one I know who’s a nicer person.

I knew David when that gray streak in his hair wasn’t quite as big, and when his children were a lot smaller.  He always doted on his daughter Jennifer, as lots of fathers do.

So all of us here at NBC5 were devastated to learn this spring that 34 year old Jennifer had breast cancer.  There is no way I can tell you how brave David has been through the entire experience.  Other than the initial shock, he’s been calm for the rest of his family and held on to his faith that Jennifer will be fine.

Well, the chemo and radiation are done and Jennifer is feeling great!  So we went back and did an update story  to let all the viewers who have been so concerned know how Jennifer, and David, are doing.

Our update on Jennifer will air Friday night during “Stand Up For Cancer”, a special program that will air Friday night at 7:00 right here on NBC5.  For David, and for your own family, we hope you’ll watch!


You can watch exerpts from Jennifer’s interview here:

Shocked She Had Cancer

Telling Her Family

Optimistic Outlook

Warning for Women


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