Yummy 2!

I was in line the first night Donatella Trotti opened her Italian restaurant Nonna Tata on Magnolia in Ft Worth.    i had been looking for good Italian food and a mutual friend in Dallas told me about her soon to open restaurant.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Nonna Tata is TINY!  It probably seats only 20 people and there’s always a line outside to get in.  It becomes sort of a neighborhood party with some people even bringing their own tables.  Why?  Because Donatella’s food is great.  Many of the recipies are ones she remembers from growing up in Italy. 

Now there’s good news for Italian food fans in Ft. Worth.  Donatella is opening TaTa Too in the revived Lake Como area.   Donatella has gotten a lot busier since she opened her little gem, but I still see her occassionally.  (She caters parties on Saturday nights and she’s done a couple of great ones for me)!

I’ll keep you posted on her opening date.

Here’s a link to a fun blog on Nonna Tata with a picture that’s sure to make you want to go!


1 Response to “Yummy 2!”

  1. 1 Margie September 10, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    I guess she probably doesn’t want to open a Dallas location, huh? Dang it.

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