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Best Blogs

I started reading Vanity Fair when Tina Brown was editor.  When she switched to The New Yorker I switched too.  I have always liked the content that she puts in magazines.

Now Tina Brown is on the internet with a new website 

I suspect it will be one of my “favorites”.


Welcome Back!

This is just a personal note to welcome my friend and colleague Mike Snyder back to work.

If you have read his blog recently, you know that we were all astonished two weeks ago when Mike’s darling wife Lyn had a heart attack at the age of 37.  Lyn is not only a beautiful woman, but she is in excellent physical shape with no history of heart problems in her family.  You can find out more about what caused her heart attack on Mike’s blog.

The purpose of this is just to say how glad we are to have Mike back at his desk,  and how thankful we are that Lyn is home resting.  It’s going to take some time to recover but she is very spirited and I know she will.

The whole experience really shook Mike, and throughout it all he continually said “I just can’t believe what good friends I have.  I am so thankful for all the people who are helping me and my family through this difficult time”.  He’s still a little quiet and I can tell Lyn is on his mind, but it looks like a story with a happy ending, and for that we are all grateful.

Bail Out Bill?

I am certainly not an economist, but I (probably like you) am very concerned about the so-called “Wall Street Meltdown”.  Like most Americans, I have retirement money and savings tied up in the market.

Thank goodness I don’t need retirement money right now.  I have faith the market will recover.  However, what concerns me a great deal is what could happen to the economy within weeks if Congress does not act. 

I hate the idea of bailing out a bunch of Wall Street “sharpies” who made hay on this mess.  I hope Congress can come up with legislation that punishes the people who knowingly created the problems.  But after talking with a number of politicals, both Republican and Democrat, I don’t think we have any choice but to act quickly.

I know politicans are getting a lot of pressure not to bail out Wall Street.  All members of the House are up for re-election and there is going to be a huge temptation to vote “no” on any bill that appears to bail out the Street. 

But here is the problem.  At this point, what is done is done.  And I think there is a real possibility of a quick downhill slide if Congress doesn’t act.  Banks have already tightened credit to the point that some businesses are in trouble.  The major problem is a lack of trust now —  banks are scared to loan money.  And if businesses can’t borrow money, they can’t pay their bills; they can’t even pay their employees.

The domino effect could be very swift.  I will be watching the next couple of days, and hope Congress puts politics and personal interests aside, and takes some kind of responsible action.

Zoo for You

Some of my friends having fun at Zoo Ball in Ft. Worth Saturday night!

There are lots of charitable events in North Texas, and a lot of people work very hard to raise money for worthwhile causes.  But anyone who’s ever been to Zoo Ball knows it’s one of the best.  This year there were free tatoos (as you can see) and Huey Lewis and the News was the entertainment.

But the best thing about Zoo Ball is that it raises money for one of the nicest venues for North Texas.  The Ft. Worth Zoo is known nationwide as one of the best in the country.  If you’ve never taken your children, you have a treat in store.

A special thanks from all of us who enjoy the Ft. Worth Zoo to Ramona Bass.  Ms. Bass is the mover behind the zoo, and Zoo Ball.  We’re lucky to have both!

Governor Hutchison?

More leaks about Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison running for Texas Governor.

The Associated Press reports that the Senator told colleagues she is forming a committee to explore a run.

The Senator and I first talkabout about this several months ago.  I spoke with her office tonight and they won’t confirm or deny that report.  All they’ll say right now is that “In order to explore new opportunities that many Texans have asked me to consider I informed my colleagues today that I would not seek re-election as chair of the Republican Policy Committee….it is in the best interests of the committee to elect a new policy committee chairman who can committ full attention…”

I fully expect to see Senator Hutchison’s name on the ballot for Texas Governor.

Texas’ Finest

Is this another case of a young talented athlete getting in over his head and being used by the very people who are supposed to help him?

Two years ago, I interviews UT quarterback Vince Young.  He was the winner of the prestigious Davy O’Brien Award.  He was refreshing — full of enthusiasm and seemed to have his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Unfortunately, I ran across an article in the New York Times a few days ago that said Young has some serious problems now.  His therapist said Young talked of quitting football, and has even mentioned suicide.

When Young was in Ft Worth a relative was handling his affairs.  She was dedicated to his best interests.  I called and talked to her yesterday and she is distraught about what has happened. She says Vince got in over his head with people who are using him for his status and money.

Hopefully I’ll talk with Vince in the next few days and find out what’s really going on.  I’ll keep you posted.

RIP Wimpy

He wasn’t wimpy that’s for sure.  He was strong, a fast runner, and good natured.

Today we had to put down our old horse, Wimpy.  His hoof was hurting so badly he could barely walk.  At one time, long before we got him, Wimpy was a champion.  By the time Wimpy came into our lives, he was tired, but still a good enough horse to learn how to ride on.  He lived a good long life, at 23 older than most horses hope to last.

First I learned and then my husband Kevin.  Kevin was the one who ended up loving the sport and rode a couple of times every week.   Today Wimpy could hardly get into the trailer.  So good bye Wimpy.  Why is it children and animals always bring a tear to your eye?

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